Bluedot 2019 Band Art
Posters and portraits of the headline acts at Bluedot Festival 2019 - New Order, Kraftwerk & Hot Chip. Prints available. NEW ORDER LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN OF 200
Bluedot Festival 2019 - Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
Illustrations made in the run up to Bluedot Festival 2019 inspired by the festival and site, as part of an exhibition working with Incredible Oceans
Into The Blue
An illustration of the ocean depths developed for a personal book project. Featured in the Loop London urban exhibition 2018. Prints available to purchase.
Teeming With Stars
Created during Inktober 2017 for the subject of 'Teeming'
Portrait Illustrations
Various portraits. Prints of some available to purchase.
A personal portfolio piece. Prints, mugs and heavy duty tote bags available to purchase.
Grass Silhouetted
A personal portfolio piece. Prints available to purchase.
An early portfolio piece that has been one of my most popular at illustration fairs. Featured in the Loop London urban exhibition 2018. Prints available to purchase.
Secret 7" 2018
Entries for Secret 7", a London based fundraiser where artists and designers anonymously submit vinyl sleeve covers.
Be Seduced by the Darkside
Having always been drawn to the darkside I found myself creating promo material such as this illustration to advertise the cause. Prints available to purchase.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
A Personal Project to illustrate a book jacket concept for the novel 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' by Ken Kesey.
Into Space
An early sequential illustration portfolio piece. Produced both in colour and black and white as well as a wrap around 2 tone mug. Prints and mugs available to purchase.
An Octopus
To be available as a new t-shirt design and art print at illustration fairs this winter...
House of Illustration book competition
A submission of three colour illustrations and a binding design for a book illustration competition to illustrate scenes from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, for the House of Illustration, London.
A Pensive Stroll
An early portfolio piece. Limited edition screen prints and wrap around mugs available to purchase.
A personal portfolio piece. Prints available to purchase.
Weeping Willow
An early portfolio piece. Prints available to purchase.
Worn Vans
Old worn Vans, of which I have countless pairs and resist throwing away. Time-lapse videos of the original sketches being drawn are included.
A forever ongoing project folder collecting one-off sketches, as well as more finished illustrations, on various themes.
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