Into The Blue
Entry for the AIO World Illustration Awards 2018, developed for a personal book project
An early portfolio piece submitted for Secret 7" based on one of the tracks in the competition, that has undergone a few updates since.
Various portraits by hand with digital colour and editing
A Pensive Stroll
An early self directed illustration using indian ink and then inverted in photoshop, which was then developed into a limited edition screenprint, shown below.
Weeping Willow
Personal illustration/early portfolio piece that has undergone a few updates. Based on a tree in Cambridge whilst punting on the river with a low sun coming through the branches.
Be Seduced by the Darkside
Personal illustration depicting a bedroom window with window blind from inside a dark room, thinking about the intrigue of what is outside.
A forever ongoing project folder collecting one off sketches that I have worked on, as well as some more finished illustrations, of various themes.
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