The advert was produced as part one of the Change4Life campaigns on sugar consumption in children, and I was commissioned by Mindseye Production Company to draw the storyboard in Autumn 2015. As requested, the artwork was drawn to show that the models used in the animation would be made out of sugar cubes, and the final outcome is a stop motion animation created by Toby Howell, Matthew Cooper and Andy Gent, animators and model makers who have worked with directors and companies such as Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Aardman Animation.
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Animatic of storyboard frames

Change4Life Storyboard, fineliner pen, 2015

Embedded here is the fantastic final animation, which remained faithful to the storyboard art;
Gif produced for social media;
Here are a few frames and designs drawn as alternatives prior to the narrative being finalised that weren't used for the final advert;
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