Geoparty is an ambitious new mobile phone application under construction by developers in Spain, with the intention of providing global users with a quick and easy to use source of inside information on various types of event in any place they may travel to. I was asked to put together a simple animation that illustrates the concept of the app, which naturally began as a storyboard that I have included below. As the project developed I was asked if I could compose the music for the animation as well, which as a part time musician I saw as a fantastic opportunity to embrace! I composed 2 options and have included the audio for the second composition here too.
Click on any image to see them all as a slideshow 

Geoparty Animation & Musical Composition, 2017 

Geoparty Musical Composition No. 2

Here is the original storyboard followed by some individual frames from the animation;

Geoparty Animation Storyboard, 2017

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