A revised version of the illustration Sea Soup for the March 2021 edition front cover of international science journal Hydrobiologia 
Artificially generated turbulence: A review of phycological nanocosm, microcosm, and mesocosm experiments
Descriptive caption & illustrator affiliation featured in the contents page;
Cover illustration  Illustrated is a section of ‘Sea Soup’ - an award-winning science-art quadtych made by Scott Luís Masson in collaboration with Russell Arnott as part of the University of Bath’s Visions of Science art prize. The illustration depicts the mesocosm facilities at Umeå Marine Science Centre together with a community of phytonplankton species found in the Gulf of Bothnia. The different sized waves represent various levels of turbulence intensities. Scott Luís Masson is a UK-based illustrator who frequently explores the marine environment throughout his work.​​​​​​​
Sea Soup, full quadtych illustration, 2018 - Winner of the Emerging Artist Award at the University of Bath Visions of Science Art Prize
The online version of the full journal edition can be viewed on the Springer publishing website;
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