PHD student, oceanographer and science communicator Russell Arnott, who's research into turbulence and it's impact on plankton blooms formed the basis of my illustration 'Sea Soup' for the Visions of Science Art Prize (see 'Sea Soup' commission), contacted me about working together on an illustrated science book about phytoplankton with the intention of making a beautiful visual book full of artwork of incredible plankton shapes and types, that makes the content accessible to non-scientists of various ages. Very much an ongoing project, presented here are a series of illustrations of various plankton types created so far, which has enabled me to learn a lot about these truly fascinating and vital organisms prior to developing the book page spreads. Some of you might wonder why I have included jellyfish the project title 'Ocean Drifters' suggests, plankton refers to any organism that drifts or floats (mostly) at the whim of the ocean currents, and thus includes jellyfish! 
The jellyfish illustration below is available to buy on Etsy as an A5 and A4 art print and in 3 editions;
The jellyfish illustration can also be purchased on Etsy as a back unisex t-shirt, (photo below), in a variety of sizes;
Click on any image to see then all as a slideshow 

Jellyfish, indian ink with digital editing, 2017

Jellyfish T-Shirt available to purchase on Etsy in S, M, L and XL sizes

Jellyfish (Blue), Indian Ink with Digital Colouring, 2017

Plankton Illustration Gift, indian ink with digital colour and editing, 148 x 210 mm, 2018

The above illustration was commissioned by Russell to give as a framed print to 6 of his co-researchers during their time in Sweden together, which was composed from a combination of various other illustrations I had produced. Here they are ready to send to Sweden; 

Framed prints ready to send to Sweden

Volvox Study, indian ink with digital editing, 2017

Volvox, indian ink with digital editing, 2017

Coccolithophores Study, indian ink with digital colour, 2017

Diatoms Study, indian ink with digital editing, 2017

"Working alongside Scott is a great experience; I'm impressed at how quickly he can produce quality illustrations in his own unique style. Being that our projects were themed around the marine environment, Scott ensured he understood the scientific concepts involved and it was great to see how well he was able to represent them in his work!” 
Russell Arnott, PHD student at the University of Bath, Oceanographer and Science Communicator
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