Over the past year I have been working with Mike Shoreland of Rull Orchard to develop an illustrated label design for his new and first batch of cider, we now know as 'Orchard Rising', that could be translated as a design across a range of other produce the orchard has been developing as well, having been approached after seeing my work online and believing my illustration style would be a good fit for their brand vision of a 'contemporary yet artisan' aesthetic to their product labels. After a range of initial concept sketches we landed on a landscape design with the ingredients collected at the forefront, and incorporating elements of the golden ration within the layout and sizings of the various elements. 
Below is a series of development stages and the first completed label in the ongoing series, soon to be on bottles to be stocked in various outlets, and ready to be enjoyed by cider lovers everywhere!

Season 18 Episode 1 - Orchard Rising, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2018-19

Honey Label, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2019

Apple Juice Label, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2020

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