In the Autumn of 2018 I was contacted by Mike Shoreland of Rull Orchard to design and illustrate a bottle packaging label for his new and first batch of cider, now known as 'Orchard Dawn', that could be translated as a design across a range of other products the orchard has been developing.

Season 18 Episode 1 - Orchard Dawn, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2018-19

Here are some of the developmental sketches & stages we went through to show a little of the process;
The design of the wings was produced by Arobase Creative Design Agency, who produced the final label below:
A much smaller version was needed next for a honey jar label which meant simplifying the design for clarity and incorporating wings that would wrap around a hexagonal glass jar; 

Honey Label, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2019

Next on the agenda in early 2020 was to create a couple of variations on the original cider to celebrate the festive period and the olympics; 

Orchard Baubles, 2020

Orchard Glory, 2020

Following the cider and honey labels we began to design a new variation on the overall concept for the range of fruit juices that were being developed. The first of these was for fresh apple juice, and after a few discussions we landed on an exploding fruit idea, which was then developed into mulled and sparkling equivalents through colour variations, and the artwork concept then developed further into a fresh pear juice;

Apple Juice Label, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2020

Mulled Apple Juice, 2020

Sparkling Apple Juice, 2020

Fresh Pear Juice, Indian Ink with Digital Colour, 2020

At this time I was also asked to develop the print ready files for the 3 apple juices using the wings template; 
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