Winner - Emerging Artist Award 2018
An exhibition of artworks created in response to research undertaken by  University of Bath PHD students.
'Sea Soup' was created in collaboration with Russell Arnott and depicts the mesocosm facilities at Umeå Marine Science Centre together with a community of phytonplankton species found in the Gulf of Bothnia. The different sized waves represent various levels of turbulence intensities.  
Presented here as a single full length image and divided into 4 separate sections, 1 for each of the 4 different tank environments created  to replicate varying levels of turbulence using convection currents. 
I was both surprised and humbled to win the award for emerging artist, especially when my work was considered alongside around 180 other fantastic entries! Thank you to everyone involved at The Edge Arts Centre at the University of Bath!
Sea Soup, full length version, 1188 x 420 mm, 2018


Sea Soup, Visions of Science Art Prize Entry Version
Here are photos and a video of the piece being prepared for the exhibition and on display in The Edge Arts Centre Gallery;

Sea Soup newly framed ready for submission

Sea Soup on display

"Working alongside Scott is a great experience; I'm impressed at how quickly he can produce quality illustrations in his own unique style. Being that our projects were themed around the marine environment, Scott ensured he understood the scientific concepts involved and it was great to see how well he was able to represent them in his work!” 
Russell Arnott, PHD student at the University of Bath, Oceanographer and Science Communicator
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