In summer 2017 I was contacted by Chloë Overton, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist in the Brighton based folk/americana/bluegrass band Hatful of Rain, as fellow band members had seen some of my artwork and thought that it would make a good album cover, and as album/music art is one of my dream illustration areas I was thrilled at the chance! The commission began as a front cover illustration only however grew into a number of other areas as well including designing a new band logo, producing promo poster and flyer designs for the tour and album launch, and creating the full content and layout for the 6 panel CD release inlay of the new album Songs of the Lost and Found. The inlay features the new logo, illustrations on the front, back and inside, and hand lettered text throughout, plus a variation of the front cover art on the CD itself. As such I am listed in the inlay for art direction, artwork and design, which I am very proud of. Some of the art has gone on to be used for gig merch during the tour, and I was able to attend the album launch at The Old Market in Hove where the new logo was projected behind the band on stage as a backdrop! The whole experience was something that I am truly grateful for and can't wait for the next opportunity to promote a band through my art and design!
The 3 illustrations are available to buy as A4 limited edition art prints on Etsy; 
The album can be purchased here through the band website;
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Hatful of Rain Logo, indian ink, 2018

Photos of the printed CD sleeve;

Songs of the Lost and Found Album Front Cover, CD release, indian ink with digital colour & texture, 2018

Songs of the Lost and Found Album Back Cover, CD release, indian ink with digital texture, 2018

Songs of the Lost and Found Inner Inlay Art, CD release, indian ink with digital colour and texture, 2018

Full Inlay Layouts for outside panels (top) and inside panels

CD Design

Promo Artwork, indian ink with digital texture, 2018

“We had seen an illustration of Scott’s that we really liked and knew we definitely wanted something other than a photo for our album cover. We had no real idea of what we wanted, no real concept or image in mind. Scott came and listened to all the tracks we were recording and asked for some background info on the songs. He sketched up a dozen or so ideas and left us to pick the winner. They were all very different but retained his signature style. The process really helped us gather our thoughts on running order and album title. Scott was meticulous in detail, he happily tried various colour options and different fonts and text placing, happily pinging over possibilities until we felt we’d reached our goal. The final result really captures the mood of the album, the common themes of despair and resilience interweaving all tracks are perfectly realised via the illustrations of drowning and rescue. The new and more mature logo has been used to great effect on stage and on merchandise. Have had nothing but positive comments from our fans. Scott was also happy to work with us on our promotion campaign in run up to the release, he was able to quickly make email banners, ‘sneak preview’ shots, flyers, posters and various copies all to different specifications for Twitter/YouTube/Facebook. Little details like this are laborious, but make all the difference when trying to bombard the target audience with your product”
Chloë Overton, Hatful of Rain
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