The Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall is a lovely tea, food and events venue with artwork on display for sale to customers, and for several months in 2016 I had 5 pieces up on their walls, selling prints of 3 of them. During this time we discussed the possibility of producing artwork of the victorian building that is home to the business. The outcome became the illustration below, which I drew in winter, hence the bare trees, and is on display in the tea house. After further discussion it was also purchased as a batch of postcards to give to selected customers as a 'with compliments' card.
I illustrated a second Vauxhall based cafe business, Italo Delicatessen, this time for postcards to be sold at the counter.
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The Tea House Theatre, Indian ink with digital colour, 420 x 297mm, 2017
Italo, Indian ink with digital colour, 297 x 420 mm, 2017

The packaged A3 digital print ready to be delivered to the Tea House

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