Songs of the Lost and Found
Commission - Brighton band album artwork, logo design and promo material for 2018 release
Into The Blue
Entry for the AIO World Illustration Awards 2018, developed for a personal book project
Animation & Storyboard - Geoparty App
Commission - First animation in the advertising campaign for a new mobile application being prepared for launch 2018
Nutrient Nutter
Commission - Branding for a small nutrition business to create 4 fruit and veg character mascots
Ocean Drifters
Commission - A collaborative pitch to illustrate a coffee-table book on plankton with a focus on phytoplankton.
Ardid & the Seagull (Working Title)
Commission - Ongoing collaborative project to illustrate a children's storybook, set around a fishing community
An early portfolio piece submitted for Secret 7" based on one of the tracks in the competition, that has undergone a few updates since.
Various portraits by hand with digital colour and editing
Tea House Commission & Local Cafe Illustration
Commission - Illustration of the beautiful victorian building that houses the Tea House Theatre, plus a second cafe illustration of Italo Delicatessen, both in Vauxhall, London
Personal illustration depicting a bedroom window with window blind from inside a dark room, thinking about the intrigue of what is outside.
Low Down
A personal illustration produced while experimenting with styles.
Into Space
A sequential illustration that plays with getting the reader to follow the narrative from bottom to top. Updated ink version, black and white, digital colour version and t-shirt design version included.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
A Personal Project to illustrate a jacket cover for the novel 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' by Ken Kesey. I've included a second version without the landscape of gears and cogs.
A Pensive Stroll
An early self directed illustration using indian ink and then inverted in photoshop, which was then developed into a limited edition screenprint, shown below.
House of Illustration book competition
A submission of three colour illustrations and a cover image design for a book illustration competition to illustrate scenes from Mansfield Park by Jane Austen for the House of Illustration, London.
A forever ongoing project folder collecting one off sketches that I have worked on, as well as some more finished illustrations, of various themes.
Worn Vans
Illustrations of my old and worn Vans shoes, of which I have had countless pairs over the years and resist throwing away. Time-lapse videos of the original sketches being drawn are included.
Weeping Willow
Personal illustration/early portfolio piece that has undergone a few updates. Based on a tree in Cambridge whilst punting on the river with a low sun coming through the branches.
Storyboard - Change4Life
Commission for Change4Life, to produce storyboard art for a stop motion animated advert, produced by Mindseye Production Company, London.
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